Macaroni Minx
Macaroni Minx

Paper Flowers

Our gorgeous paper flowers are made from tissue paper, floral wire and lots of love. Each one is custom cut by hand, and made according to our own designs, not a template. 


Customizable in any size from 6" to 30", our flowers are truly eye-catching and are the perfect decorative pop of color for your next event!

Create a beautiful, elegant statement on your special day. Use our flowers for a backdrop for photos or at the altar, on the backs of the chairs, as a centerpiece or along the pews. The possibilities are endless and we can customize your flowers to match your theme and/or color palette.

Single Blooms
At our standard sizes of 14", 20" or 30", even one flower by itself makes quite a statement!  Pick and choose from our single blooms to come up with your perfect arrangement.

Who says flowers are only for spring or summer? Our festive blooms are fun for any occasion! 

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