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"The cards" were literally my bread and butter (or beer money, rather!) in college.  Keeping up with my studies and a tiny, fledgling business was a balancing act and I pulled as many all-nighters making cards as I did studying for exams.  Back then the ladies with hats were my only line and they sold themselves through word of mouth.


Many things have changed since I cranked out cards at the desk in my dorm room; we have added additional lines over the years and have just introduced a new line of fun baby items.


What hasn't changed is that each item is still handmade or assembled with loving care by me.  I still do all the calligraphy by hand as well, and get a rush out of creating gifts that are made specially for the people receiving them.  


We love working on custom gifts!   Please let me know what you have in mind, we'd love to hear from you!



Portrait painting by my daughter, Jenna Neelin

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