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I've always dabbled in handmade items. 


In college I made boxed sets of cards that were literally my bread and butter.  Keeping up with my studies and a tiny, fledgling business was a balancing act and I pulled as many all-nighters making cards as I did studying for exams.  Back then I only had one line and they sold themselves through word of mouth.


Fast forward to a recent trade show. I attended the show to sell my book, The Pregnasaurus, and made a wall of giant paper flowers as the back drop for my booth. My intention was simply to create a beautiful, eye catching display that would help make my booth stand out. The response was incredible; people loved the flowers and many asked if I was selling them and how they could buy some.


I came home from the show and posted some flowers on my Etsy shop that night, and my paper flowers have been blossoming on Macaroni Minx ever since.


So much has changed since I cranked out cards at the desk in my dorm room. What hasn't changed is each handmade item I make is still carefully crafted and infused with love, and I still love creating customized gifts that are made specially for the people receiving them.   


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